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Futures Forum Project PD Planning

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This is a collaborative workspace for central staff from the Waterloo Region District School Board to develop a professional development plan to serve the needs of teachers in the Futures Forum Project.


We are engaging in action research to inform our planning. Our research plan closely mirrors the Learning Cycles which are used as assessment for learning in our schools. This model gives us a framework for collecting and analyzing diagnostic, formative and summative data so that we can make informed decisions about our plan, using meaningful input from the very teachers whom it will serve.


Our action research is also fostered by our involvement in the Canadian cohort of the Powerful Learning Practice professional learning program.


About the Futures Forum Project


Action Research

Action Research Steps

Action Research Timeline

PD Models Research

          E-Learning PD Models and Experiences

          Learning Services PD Models and Experiences

          Information Technology Services PD Models and Experiences

          Library-Specific PD Models and Experiences

          Lessons from the Literature

Diagnostic Survey Questions

Leader Interview Questions

Focus Group Questions

Focus Group 1 - Notes

Focus Group 2 - Notes

Action Research Presentation - May 20th

Team Documents

PLP Action Research Team



Curricula and Guidelines

About Learning Cycles





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